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Want something super extra special just for you, to match your show coat, helmet, or your horse's cute blingy browband??  I can make it!  

- Satin, Velvet or a Blingy Edging
- Choose YOUR color for the netting.  Please browse my creations for what is available (black, grey, blonde, brown, sequined thread, glitter infused thread)
- I use Czech glass Beads for my buns.  Take a look at the gallery for the color you want!!  I have many options you can choose from!  Make sure you write the bead name in comments!!

Custom Bun

Crochet Thread Color
Bead or Center Bling
  • Since the material for each bun is individual, please follow the fabric directions:

    Velvet- most velvet is dry clean only.  You can brush velvet to keep it looking rich and vibrant. 

    Satin- Hand wash- submerge in plain water or a very light detergent.  Press between two towels to remove most excess moisture (dont wring it out!)  Lay flat on a towel to completely dry.  You can fluff and reshape after it is completly dry.  Do not stretch the bun whlle it is wet because the crochet will stretch!!

    Bling bands- You can follow the directions for satin. You are basically washing the crochet, so let it dry completly before you fluff and reshape.